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What exactly is permanent jewelry? A custom fit chain is welded directly around the wrist or neck. Because the bracelet is welded closed, it doesn’t have a clasp, creating a seamless permanent bracelet.  The process of fitting clients with bracelets and necklaces is quick, painless, and permanent. Charms can be added to create a unique, personalized piece of jewelry that can be worn forever (or until you decide to take it off!). Whether you’re getting one with a romantic partner, a best friend, a family member, or simply to enjoy as a long-lasting addition to your wrist, these forever pieces are as meaningful as they are beautiful.



A LINK & LOCK Permanent Jewelry party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, baby shower or other special event. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you to set up your party!

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Book an in-studio appointment

Glow by Gretchen is excited to offer Link & Lock Permanent Jewelry as an in-studio service! Book an appointment just for jewelry or add it on to another of our services.


What is the process & how long does it take?

Each appointment takes 20 minutes per person. The longest (and hardest) part is choosing your chain! Once you choose your chain and a charm, if desired, the chain is custom fit around the wrist or neck. Next, a jump ring is attached and welded shut in just a few seconds! The process is quick and completely painless!

What are the chains made of?

All of our chains are 14k gold-filled or sterling silver. They are all light and dainty enough to wear everyday. Solid 14K gold is available for pre-order. Kids bracelets, made of stainless steel, are available for ages 10 and under.

Solid 14k Gold vs 14K Gold Filled?

Solid gold jewelry is the highest in price and purity. Solid gold’s value comes from its radiant color and shine. It is also highly valued because it doesn’t tarnish or fade with time. But it is interesting to note that solid gold may not always be the best option when shopping for your desired gold accessory. The downside of pure solid gold is that is a very malleable and soft and is not always recommended for jewelry intended for everyday wear.

Gold Filled jewelry consists of 2-3 layers of solid gold (bonded or pressed) with other metals a brass, silver, or other base metal. These layers of solid gold can have different karatage (10K, 14K, 18K and 24K). Gold filled jewelry is a typically a better alternative to gold plated jewelry. It won’t tarnish and it’s much more durable than gold plated jewelry. However, after about 20-30 years, you can begin to see some slight fading of the color. 

If your permanent jewelry breaks at the weld or jump ring, it can be rewelded at no cost.

What if I have to have surgery, an x-ray, MRI, or remove my 
permanent jewelry?

The chains are strong enough for daily wear, but they can be removed if necessary. You can easily use a pair of scissors or nail clippers to carefully cut the chain next to the welded jump ring. If your permanent jewelry has to be removed, but you want it put back on, I am happy to reweld it for you free of cost.  If your permanent jewelry breaks at the weld or jump ring, it can be rewe at no cost.

What if I have to go through TSA or a metal detector?

The chains are dainty enough that you do not need to remove them

How old do you have to be to get a permanent?

We ask that people under 18 come with a legal guardian. Kids bracelets are available. 


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cancellation policy

Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. No shows and appointments cancelled less then 24 hours in advance will result in a charge of 100% of the services booked. All services must be secured with a credit card.

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